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Brazil 300g

Brazil 300g


Flavor :


The Brazilian coffee has a distinct peanut-like taste, which is complemented by a chocolate and herbal taste experience. Furthermore, the coffee has a full body and the taste of the coffee lingers longer in the mouth compared to other countries.

  • Information

    Brazil, currently the tenth world power, exports 32 million bales annually (1 bale = 60 kg of green coffee beans), a third of world production, of which 14 million bales come from the state of Minas.

    More than 4 million coffee plants grow in Brazil, 75% of the harvest is marketed by the smaller farmers. In Belo Horizonte (the mining capital), coffee is one of the export pillars, 800,000 people are directly involved in coffee cultivation, indirectly 3,000,000.
    Of the 853 cities in the state of Minas, 600 are active in coffee cultivation. Brazil accounts for about 35% of world production, half of which 30% comes from the state of Minas.

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