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Guatemala 1kg

Guatemala 1kg


Flavor :


Subtle notes of nuts and caramel give this bean a mildly sweet, floral taste and a fresh finish. A characteristic coffee from Central America with a low acidity and a rich aroma. A rich, distinct coffee. Nice and sweet, not too sour and hardly bitter.

  • Information

    Guatemala is currently the 10th largest coffee producer in the world and produces annually
    over 4 million bales (1 bale = 60 kg green coffee beans), which is 2.5% of world production.

    Coffee from Guatemala is considered by many experts to be one of the best varieties in the world.
    Coffee in Guatemala is grown on large haciendas (plantations) and fincas (farms)
    non - Indians, and also on the many thousands of small Native American farms, mostly in the
    Highlands. The taste characteristics of coffee from Guatemala vary by region, but can
    are generally described as round and full of flavor with a versatile aroma.
    The two most famous coffee varieties in Guatemala are Antigua and Coban. The Antigua is best known.
    The coffee gardens are well protected here between the surrounding volcanoes. The rich volcanic
    soil, low humidity, lots of sun and cool nights, deliver a coffee that is at the top of
    the “gourmet” category belongs.

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